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" I always watch your videos. I dont miss not one and if I do I catch tf up. Any way I say that to say this you're very smart and knowledgeable about what you do. My message that I'm being forced to pass towards you is Please go harder and deeper their is a bigger door that's waiting for you to open it. I f**** with you hard.

"She has everything you will need!!! I love having her around me. Nothing but good vibes and loving energy!"

"Every session I have had has been nothing but pure, raw, uncut, unfiltered truth! She is an awesome teacher, guide, friend, and best of all mother. She is a mother to all! Indeed will continue to have sessions done by her and her alone. She breaks down everything so you are able to understand. Indeed book a Session and indeed get some salts. They just smell oh so good and leave you feeling empowered."

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